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Mac Wilkins
Summer Training 2013 Print E-mail
Thank you...

for sharing with me at the Throw Center for the last five years and here in Portland since 1998.  
I have always felt that if you are truly passionate about something you are compelled to share your passion with others.

this month my sharing in Portland will come to an end as I move to the U.S. Olympic Performance Center in Chula Vista California to be the Throws Coach for the USATF.  My focus will be helping throwers just out of college trying to make the jump to the top 12 internationally & Podium level results.  The USATF also provides a strong platform from which I can share with throwers and coaches of all ages and levels of development.

As a native north westerner, I'm sad to leave Portland but look forward to the new challenge at Chula Vista and staying connected through this site and


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2013 Throwers Academy State Meet Results Print E-mail

WA & OR High School State Meet Results

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to find the "Effortless Throw"

Wilkins Throwers Academy - Nine (9) State Champions

We are very proud of your growth!
Summer Series 2013 Print E-mail

Throwers Only Competitions

June 2013

Google Map to the Throw Center

June 2   "The Post Pre"

Frank Casanas - Spain - 64.31m - 211'
Jarred Rome - USA - 63.11m

Jared Schurmanns - USA - 62.89m new PR!
44 Hammer Throwers!

June 11  "Championship Prep"

June 14  "Confidence Booster"

Six PRs One SR
Liz Podominick 63.32m W-Discus
Ryan Brandel 2- PRs 74.00m M-Javelin
Cam Acosta 61.51m M-Javelin
Brittany Mann 14.71m W-Shot Put
Amanda Short 39.56m HS W-Javaelin
Bill Deeter 28.32 Masters Javelin

Click on Competition Results

June 17 "Nationals Tune Up"

Click on Competition Results

About Me Print E-mail

Mac Wilkin's Vision

Our Purpose:
Share positive life lessons with young people through physical activity, while improving the success of US throwers in the Olympics and World Championships by guiding athletes in the pursuit of world class excellence.

Our Mission:
To share our passion for throwing and learning we will: Create a world-class training facility and environment for local youth, Concordia University athletes, national class post-graduates and international class throwers.

  • Provide on going activity programs based on throwing activities to local disadvantaged youth.
  • Raise the success level of US throwers in the international arena. We will develop throwers at all levels of development to their fullest potential.
  • Educate enough coaches and athletes and help develop enough hammer cages and fields to have an Oregon State High School Championship in the hammer throw.

Our Beliefs and Values:

  • There is intrinsic joy in physical activity.
  • Participation in sports provides a rich environment for learning positive life lessons.
  • The pursuit of excellence in sports provides tremendous personal growth opportunities.
  • If you pursue excellence you must become a learner. Becoming a life long learner is a valuable trait.
  • Life long learners are compelled to share and will become servant leaders.
  • We have been blessed with unique talents and experiences and feel compelled to help young people along this path.